Access to the contents of the journal

 The journal “Problems of Economy and Political Economy” is circulated by electronic version. The open access to the full versions of articles of the journal is allowed on the site of Vernadskii National Library of Ukraine
(link http://www.irbis-nbuv.gov.ua/cgi-bin/irbis_nbuv/cgiirbis_64.exe?Z21ID=&&&&&&&&&&=&&).


 The editorial policy of the journal is based on the principles of objectivity and impartiality at the selection of manuscripts with the purpose of their publication; high exactions to the quality of scientific studies; obligation and confidentiality of the reviewing of manuscripts; compliance of the collectivity in the decision making concerning the publication of manuscripts; accessibility and immediacy of the communication with the authors; strict compliance of author’s and related rights. The prevention of illegal publications is the responsibility of each author, editor, reviewer, publisher, and organization.


 At the edition of the journal «Problems of Economy and Political Economy» a certain level of requirements to the selection of scientific manuscripts is held. The Editorial Board of the journal demands that the authors keep the appropriate level of formal and ethic rules in the preparation and the publication of scientific works submitted to the Editorial Board of the journal. These norms are determined by the quality standards for scientific articles accepted in the world scientific community, in particular, by the publication principles of the Committee on Publication Ethics (COPE's Code of Conduct and Best Practice Guidelines for Journal Editors and Code of Conduct for Journal Publishers, the ethic code of Ukraine’s scientists, and the work experience of foreign and Ukrainian professional communities, scientific institutions, editorial boards, and editorial staffs.
(link - https://publicationethics.org/files/Code%20of%20Conduct_2.pdfhttps://publicationethics.org/files/Code%20of%20conduct%20for%20publishers%20FINAL_1_0_0.pdf).

Ethic obligations of the Editorial Board of the journal

1. All members of the Editorial Board are reviewers.
2. The Editorial Board reserves the right to send a manuscript to an outer reviewer.
3. The Editorial Board is responsible for the level of the scientific content of the journal.
4. All scientific materials pass the careful selection and the “blind” reviewing. The members of the Editorial Board do not know author’s name, and the author is not informed about the names of reviewers. The Editorial Board reserves the right to reject a manuscript or to return it for a modification. The author must rework the manuscript in correspondence with the remarks of reviewers.
5. The Editorial Board considers all submitted manuscripts without bias, assesses properly each of them, and makes the objective decisions independent of commercial or other interests, and ensures the fair process of reviewing.
6. The Editorial Board can reject a manuscript without reviewing, by considering that it does not correspond to the profile of the journal.
7. The Editorial Board opposes the falsification, plagiarism, submission of a single work into several journals, multiple copying of article’s text in different places, and misleading the community as for author’s real contribution to a specific scientific work.
8. The Editorial Board has right to withdraw the published article in the case of the violation of any rights or commonly accepted norms of the scientific ethics. About such fact of the withdrawal of the article, the Editorial Board will inform the author and the organization, where such work was executed.
9. The editorial staff gives no information concerning the content of a maniscript under consideration to any persons, except for those participating in its professional assessment. After the approval of a maniscript for the publication, it is published in the journal and is placed on the appropriate electronic resources.
10. According to the international legislation as for the compliance of author’s rights, the materials of a site, electronic journal, or project cannot be reproduced completely or partially in any form (electronic or printed) without the preliminary written agreement of the Editorial Board of the journal. If the published materials are used in the context of other acts, the citation of the original source should be obligatorily made.
11. Editors, authors, and reviewers must inform about their interests, which would affect their objectivity at the editing and reviewing of the manuscripts (the case of a conflict of interests). Such can be the intellectual, financial, personal, political, or religious interests.

Ethic obligations of authors

1.  The author bears the complete responsibility for the content of the article and for the very fact of its publication.
2.  The author should cite those publications that had the defining influence on the essence of studies presented in the article and those that can rapidly inform the reader about the earlier works important for the comprehension of the given trend. It is necessary also to properly indicate the sources of basically significant results used in the, if those results were not got by the author his/herself.
3.  The plagiarism as an original work and the submission of the earlier published article are impermissible. If such facts will occur, the author will bear the complete responsibility.

4.  Coauthors of the article should be those persons who gave a weighty scientific contribution to the submitted work and share liability for the obtained results. The author submitting the manuscript for the publication is responsible for that the list of coauthors includes only those persons who correspond to the authorship criterion and takes the responsibility for the consent of other authors of the manuscript for its publication in the journal.

Requirements to manuscripts submitted for publication in the scientific journal
«Problems of Economy and Political Economy»

 The editorial board accepts for consideration the original, are not previously published manuscripts in Ukrainian, English or Russian languages, corresponding to the profile of the journal. Articles must comply with the requirements set forth in Annexes 1,2,3,4.
   In the data about the authors must be specifies: surname, name, patronymic of the author, academic degree, academic rank, place of employment, position, office and home post addresses, phone numbers, e-mail, and also a separate file with photo of the author (authors) has to be sent.
   The research manuscripts have to be sent to e-mail address polecon.ukr@gmail.com. This address can also be used for correspondence on any issues relating to the preparation of the journal materials.
   Marginal term of presentation of materials at the magazine is next: for first publication of current year - to March, 15, for second publication of year - to October, 15.


Archive of the complete numbers:

“Problems of economy end political economy”, 2017, № 1 - https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B86lIUrn5Om7WXBnUktGWmVNaE0/view?usp=sharing